Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Nicki from Elle..

Stylist you should know...

June Ambrose, she's styled so many people i can't list them all. 

April Roomet, she's Swizz beats, bow wow, snoop dog, and other rappers stylist. I remember she used to style my uncle and i met her. she's the one who made me want to be a stylist. She's too dope. Oh and Tyson Beckfords baby momma :)

Mariel Haenn, Rihanna stylist.

-_- picture didn't load but Monica Rose- the kardashian's stylist. 

Rachel Zoe, wish she gained some weight. 

Tima, she's Wiz Khalifa and Nicki Minaj's stylist. 

Nicki looks hawttt WERK!

Can't wait to see her in concert on the 16th 

Has nothing to do

With fashion but my throat is killing me :( thought this strawberry smoothie would help but i'm in class feeling like my throat is on fire :(

Random pictures....

Better view of the Louboutin backpack.... I need that so bad. It would match my shoes. 

Louboutin shoes for men...


Lanvin bag.

Louie baby shoes. How adorable. 

Gwen Stefani

Looks so fab! Loves her.... and I still love this song

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I might randomly go get a tattoo sometime this week or weekend...
I want to go by myself and keep it to myself because i don't want to hear
peoples mouth


"And when we're done, i don't want to feel my legssss" YESS Kelly... 

Love this song....

and Also this Jhene song "Mr. Popular" 

"Mr. Popular where are all your heauxs now?"

Inside cheetah

Outside Louie <3 love it mayneee.

Cute tattoos...

More Random Pictures...

Video heaux with a Birkin bag and Chanel shoes, guess shaking your ass pays the bills...


I like these colors together.

Kim Kardashian in her Louboutins as usual. 

Killer shit, i love spikes. 

"LV nigga on every suitcase" 

Cute shorts. 

Dsquared shoes... haute. Khloe has these. 

Loubie's and boobies FTW 

I love this

Shirt, mainly because of the labels that are represented in the t-shirt and because honestly i'm not your average bitch ;) Oh & peep the ipad2 & macbook. 


Pictures, and more pictures :)
New Herve Leger dress, I like it like it (Rihanna voice)

Ashanti was all smiles over the weekend at her sisters birthday party. 

Ciara rocking a Balmain jacket at her boo's game.. (yeah we know you're dating a baller)

Angela, love this girl. Geek glasses and all she's dope. 

Nicki in a Elle spread, fab look for Ms. Minaj. 

Miss Teyena Taylor, a picture from her Vibe photoshoot. Haute. 

Throwback of Amber, I still adore this outfit. 

Nails, Nails, Dope rings... love it. Oh and the guns :)

I like her hair :)

I loveeee this dress.

Sam Edelman shoes. 


Trina looking fab, peep her Louboutins. 

My best friend and I need this... 

Burrberry has been stepping their cookies up in the jacket area, but it's no longer jacket season. 

Love this Dior dress, seen on Rihanna a few months ago. 

Teyana again looking Fab. 

Alicia Keys rocking her Louboutin backpack that her man Swizzy helped create. I need that backpack in my life *sigh*. 

Gucci, diamonds, money... his best friends :)

Louboutins :) "Who taught you how to rock Louboutins like that babe?"

Hermes, can never go wrong with this bag. 

Ciara rocking J's showing she can kill them in anything. Loves her.